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About Telemedicine App

Online consultation platform that aims to connect its patients with trusted and verified healthcare and wellness service providers.


Enable users to discover doctors across PAN India and book appointments from anywhere in the country.

Provide a holistic approach to healthcare and lets you enjoy all the benefits in one place.


1. Seamless Holistic Design

Focus on a seamless and effortless cross-platform experience to provide users easy accessibility in any context of usage. 

2. My team was all remote

This was one of the first team projects that we had done fully remotely. All of our research and communication had to be done online. Luckily, we all worked well together and found solutions quickly.


Research Design & User Segmentation

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Competitive Analysis

To understand competitors, we studied them on the following parameters:

Visual Hierarchy

Focus on primary tasks

Highlighting important call-to-action

Usage of white space Symmetry in design elements

Interaction Design

Organization of information

i.e. chunking.

Task completion funnel


Layout Color scheme

Use of white space

Design language


Ability to select interests to get curated content


Ease of understanding major headings

Adequacy of information presented Effectiveness of emergency action

Key Differentiators & Features

Business Differentiators

Key Features


Persona and Journey (Patients & Doctors)

Information Architecture

Web 1920 – 1.png


Before moving onto high-fidelity wireframes and mocks, we wanted to get a feel for what the core of the app would look like when put in front of me.

Paper wifeframe_edited.jpg

P&P Wireframes

By creating a higher fidelity but fairly preliminary version of our wireframes, we were able to work out some of the technical issues that would not be viable. It was important for us to start big and scale down so that we could work around the features that users really wanted to have, rather than working upward and maybe missing something that would've been really cool to see as a user.

iPhone 13, 12 Pro Max – 1.png

User Interviews

5 Patients were interviewed

  • Doctor recommendations should be displayed upfront to increase the trust factor

  • Available time slots are not displayed upfront

  • Ratings could be helpful to make an informed decision

  • A list of specializations should be incorporated while searching for a doctor

  • Deals and Healthy offers should be combined together.

3 Doctors were interviewed

  • Creating multiple appointments for the same patient at one go could be more intuitive.

  • E.g. Dentist would like to book the dates of appointment of the same patient as per treatment at one go only.

  • Flexibility to add/update medicine names on the prescription

  • Reports generated could be more informative to help doctors to make informed decisions.

Design Differentiators

Content Recommendation

Content recommendation for predictive search as per the specific category.

Role Based Dashboard

Real-time dashboards display consolidated, relevant information upfront as per the user's role to take quick action.


Seamless customisation of interest to keep the platform engaging

Medical Decision Engine

Platform to guide the users in decision-making with trustworthy suggestions to motivate users to take an informed decision.

Easy Workflow Management

Easy execution of processes for sharing for managing all content.

Omni Channel Experience

A user should have a seamless experience throughout different platforms with best-in-class connectivity to perform tasks on the go.


While our manager spear-headed the prototyping, our team gave vital information that would help direct the flow of the app and the fluidity going from screen to screen.

Screenshot 2022-12-12 171202.png

Sketching, prototyping, design system planning

We spent a lot of time drawing together, and we co-developed all of our responsive design system components.’ I basically created wireframes or low-fidelity mini-prototypes for each component, key page, and complex flow (like site search and ‘find a doctor search), while others created more refined visual comps and an interactive and responsive prototype.

Screenshot 2022-12-12 151356.png

Style Guide

Blue represents trust in colour psychology. As a platform designed to bring people together, we must establish trust and safety. Orange represents sociability and energy which fits what our app is about. The primary typeface of choice for the app is Roboto. We wanted to select a typeface that would bode well with our interface.


Telemedicine App made me realize just how difficult it can be to produce an application that you know very little about. I had very little knowledge about teleconsultation before coming into the project, so that became problematic when designing around a few screens. Luckily, our scrum master/team acted as somewhat of a SME (Subject Matter Expert) and was able to guide the direction of our process. This made me realize just how important it is to have somebody who knows A LOT about the subject of the app you are developing in order to create a well-rounded experience for me.

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